Growing Age Of Cut And Bend Construction In Nepal

Growing Age Of Cut And Bend Construction In Nepal

When it comes to construction projects, one of the main problems that the users face is prepping the steel for the project. It involves a lot of cutting, bending, and other forms of customization processes that are often time-consuming and full of hassle. It also takes away a lot of money from you, as you tend to waste quite a bit of steel during the process. Now, there is a rising trend of cut and bend rebars in Nepal. By opting for this solution, you don’t just save yourself from a lot of troubles, but also the quality that you get is quite high overall. Read on to know more about the growing age of cut and bend rebars construction in Nepal.

Cut And Bend | First Time In Nepal

As mentioned above, the people involved in the construction projects face quite a few problems, but thanks to the recent trend of cut and bend rebars, which is offered directly by the steel manufacturing companies, now, they can take a sigh of relief. With cut and bend rebars, you could expect a great level of precision that matches your need exactly.

Despite the fact, that cut and bend rebars are slowly getting popular as a trend, a lot of people don’t really know about it, and they still tend to rely on all the traditional steel customization methods for their projects.

It’s not been long since cut and bend rebars services were introduced for the first time in Nepal, and the credit goes to Hama Steel, one of the most trustworthy steel manufacturers of Nepal. With a highly regarded company as such offering your cut and bend rebars, you could expect amazing products. The idea is to take away all the stress from the minds of the customers by offering them rebars that are best suited to their needs. This is done by proper analysis of the structure, supervision, and planning. You can rely on the experts offering you the cut and bend rebars.

What Exactly Is Cut And Bend?

Generally, rebars are available in the market in standard sizes, lengths, and diameters. Now, it doesn’t really matter what’s the need of your project, you’re compelled to get your hands on these standard-sized rebars and get them to your size. After this, they are cut and bent into specific shapes and sizes by the construction workers as per your need. Now, despite the fact that it’s what most people do, often it leads to wastage of steel and resources.

Often, the quality of cutting and bending that is done manually is not of the highest quality. The solution to this is to cut and bend rebars that are produced in the factory environment itself. The experts offering you the product visit your site, inspect it well and note all your specifications. Accordingly, they cut and bend the right sized rebars that match your requirements to the very nice and offer you the products in no time. Since the cutting and bending process happens in a factory environment, you can rest assured about the quality that is offered.

Why Cut And Bend?

Turns out that cut and bend rebars have quite a few advantages over the traditional cut and bend rebars. The following are a few of the many benefits of cut and bent rebars.


Cut and bend is a fast technique of getting your rebars ready for use in your construction projects, in comparison to the traditional preparing methods that generally take days and weeks.

Money Saving

All in all, following this trend allows you to save quite a bit of money, not just in the amount of steel that you buy, but in transportation, labor, and other resources.

Labour Intensive

Traditional methods require you to hire quite a bit of laborer to handle all the rebars. This can be quite overwhelming. However, with readymade bars, you don’t have to go through the excess headache of hiring and managing the laborers

Delivery Flexibility 

Cut and bend rebars are delivered to the construction site on the said date and time. The customers could also specify the precise quantity of product to be delivered on a certain day so that they don’t need to worry about storage.

No Storage Required

When you choose to use readymade rebars, you don’t have to buy standard-shaped bars in bulk, and you don’t have to worry about storage. You could have the specific quantities of rebars delivered to you on predetermined dates.

Zero Damage to Bars

During the traditional cutting and bending process, quite a bit of damage is caused to the bars, which is avoided completely during the manufacture of readymade rebars, as they are made in the standard environment.

What Can Be Main Uses Of Cut And Bend Products?

Cut and bend products, especially rebars, are used mainly in construction projects. Generally, steel is used to offer support to the concrete structures, as they don’t have the required tensile strength. In order for the steel to work in an optimum manner, they have to be cut and bent precisely. Cut and bend rebars aren’t just used in concrete structures, but also in steel structures, which are regarded as the strongest building types out there. Basically, offering reinforcement to a building can be the main purpose of cut and bend rebars.

What Is A Way To Bend And Cut Rebars?

Traditionally, steel rebars are cutting manually. They are divided into specific lengths manually, and cut with hands using electric saws, or sometimes, even manual saws. Even when it comes to bending, they are bent manually by the laborers themselves. However, in the case of cut and bent rebars, the measurement to determine the precise shape and size of the cut rebars is decided by the machine using a sophisticated program. 

Cutting is done precisely either by high-quality industrial blades or by using modern means such as laser and plasma cutters. Even when it comes to bending, it also happens inside the machine that uses force and pressure to bend steel and shape it into desired forms. The modern methods offer precision and no damage to the bars, which is quite the case with traditional cutting and bending.

Hama Steel introduces HamaRMB which is dedicated to offering high standard cut and bend rebars related services in Nepal. Hama Steel is known not just for the quality that they offer but for excellent customer support as well. With HamaRMB, they’re looking to take things to a completely new level especially in the sector of construction in Nepal.

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