Importance Of Steel Rebars In Construction

Importance Of Steel Rebars In Construction

Construction Business is all about constructing structures and buildings that are strong, reliable, and last for a really long time. It is crucial for the people involved in the construction business to always show their best work. Any mistake on their part, and the results could be catastrophic. It is significant that construction business houses use high-quality materials, like steel rebars, while building structures, as it is these elements that contribute to its overall strength. These days, it doesn’t really matter whether a concrete or steel structure is being built, they’re sure to use steel rebars. And why not, they are quite important.

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1. What Is Steel Rebars?
2. Types Of Steel Rebars
3. Quality Of Steel Rebars
4. Specification Of Steel Rebars
5. Why To Go Smart In Construction?

What Is Steel Rebars?

Rebars are the contracted form of reinforcement bars. These are generally used to make frameworks of concrete structures. Concrete is strong, but it is not able to withstand extreme pressure. Also, it has absolutely zero tensile strength. Adding rebars to the concrete structure doesn’t just improve its overall tensile strength, but also makes it further capable to withstand pressure. This way, the concrete structure is able to stand its ground during earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Generally, rebars are made of carbon steel, which is the most common kind of steel. Carbon steel is not just strong, but quite ductile. It is because of this very attribute that steel is able to add tensile strength to concrete structures. Other types of steel can also be used to make reinforcement bars. It is done in special circumstances when the nature of the construction project is quite sophisticated. Now, there are these regular rebars, and then there are readymade bars or RMB. The difference is that the latter one is cut and bent in the factory itself.

Types of Steel Rebars

There are different types of rebars out there. These rebars differ from each other on the basis of their chemical composition, and their physical properties. As per these attributes, they are used in different sectors. Rebars are used to build structures for commercial, industrial, and housing sectors. Depending on what kind of rebar it is, sophisticated areas such as petrochemical plants, marines and military, communications, and so on, also tend to use steel rebars.

Mild Steel

Mild steel rebars are the most common types of rebars. Mild steel is another name for carbon steel. As the name suggests, this kind of steel is made using only iron and carbon. The percentage of Carbon in mild steel is only between 0.05 and 0.25. Rebars are also made using stainless steel. Needless to say that stainless steel is a more superior form of steel to mild steel. During the making of stainless steel, additional chromium is added to the alloy. It is this very element that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Some of the well-known grades of mild steel rebars are EN8, EN24T, EN1A, and so on. Depending on your construction project, you could decide whether to go with mild steel, stainless steel, or other types of rebars.

Deformed Steel

Deformed Steel rebars are the types of rebars that have lugs, indentations, or patterns on them. The external surface of these rebars allows them to maintain a better grip on the concrete. All of this results in the concrete structures getting stronger and developing better tensile strength. The other types of rebars are the smooth bars that often come in rounded or hexagonal shapes. Despite the demerits, these have over deformed bars, they are still used in construction projects. The most common steel rebar grades are BS4449, ASTM A615, GB1499.2-2007, and so on. What makes these steel rebar grades different from each other are the standards specific to America, Great Britain, and Europe that are used to manufacture them.

Quality Of Steel Rebars

The quality of Steel Rebars depends highly on the type of steel rebars. As mentioned above, the chemical and physical properties of the rebars, which are determined during their manufacturing process, are what makes one type of rebar better than the other.

  • Deformed Rebars are of a better quality than smooth rebars, as they tend to have a better grip on the concrete.
  • Stainless Steel rebars are considered to be of better quality than mild steel rebars, as they are not just strong and ductile, but also highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Specification Of Steel Bars

To be categorized under the different grades of steel rebars, the steel bars need to meet certain criteria. They must have been manufactured by following the guidelines set by authorizing bodies, whether it’s the American Standards, the European Standards, and so on. The basic purpose of reinforcement bars is to offer support to the concrete structures, and unless it is manufactured keeping in mind all these rules, they’d be unfit to fulfill their goal. And as mentioned numerous times above, the results of that could be catastrophic, not just to the individuals or companies involved in the construction business, but to the general public too.

Why To Go Smart In Construction?

These days, a trend has been gaining quite a bit of popularity, because of the smart solutions that it involves when it comes to construction projects. It is called smart construction. It is a trend where construction projects and businesses, instead of hiring manual labor partners with steel manufacturing companies and cement producing companies. They have all the products delivered to the construction site on the said date and time instead of having them prepared on site. All these products, be they rebars or concrete are prepared in a customized manner keeping in mind the nature of the project. 

There is a certain level of sophistication and professionalism in the preparation of these materials in a factory environment, which can’t be achieved on site. The customers who tend to go with smart construction tend to save a lot of time, and traditional methods are the main reasons why projects get delayed. They also happen to save a lot of money on materials, as a lot of this goes to waste by following traditional means. Money and time are also saved as there is no need to hire extra manpower for the preparation of all these materials.

Hama Steel is a name that symbolizes quality. All their products, whether it’s steel rebars or Hama RMB, are manufactured considering the highest standards. Hama RMB especially has been able to gain quite a bit of popularity, not just because of the quality that it offers but also because of the innovation that it has brought to the construction business. Remember to go with Hama Steel whether you require steel-based products or general consultation services.

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