Let’s Make Smart Choose For Readymade Bars

Let’s Make Smart Choose For Readymade Bars

RMB stands for readymade bars. These are the steel rebars often used in construction projects. Generally, the rebars come in standard sizes and shapes, and often, it is required for the people involved in the project to cut and bend them as per their needs. Now, what makes RMB special is that they come pre-cut and pre-bent meeting the needs of the customers precisely. Since RMB is manufactured in a factory environment, they have quite a few advantages over the traditional steel rebars. The trend of using RMB for construction projects is taking place, and why not, it has so many things to offer, and the most important one among them is comfort.

Table Of Content:-

1. Evolution Of RMB
2. What Exactly Is Readymade Bars?
3. Normal To Smart Construction In Nepal
4. Benefits Of Readymade Bars
5. Difference Between Simple Rebars And Readymade Rebars

Evolution Of RMB

The idea of RMB was conceived with the simple thought of making it easier for the customers to deal with steel rebars during construction projects. Generally, the tough thing isn’t to choose the right kind of rebar for your construction project, or to buy them, the excruciating thing is to ensure that they are cut and bent on the site in a way that matches the need of the project. There are a lot of challenges that the workers need to face when they do all this steel manipulation manually.

Sometimes, there’s a question with the accuracy, sometimes there’s damage caused to the cut steel due to the manual process, and so on. The only solution to all of this seemed to like having the steel manipulated in a factory environment so that the cutting and bending could be done with precision and without damaging the end product. With RMB, the customers could simply specify their needs to the manufacturers, and the company would get the products ready and have them delivered at the right time and place. All in all, the entire process is quite convenient for the customers, and it also makes the work less troubling for laborers.

What exactly is RMB (Readymade Bars)?

RMB quite simply is a variation of rebars that is made available to the customers only on demand. It is a concept that makes construction projects a piece of cake. One of the most challenging things in construction projects, especially when they’re associated with steel is to get the right kind of rebar and manipulate it in a way that meets the needs of the structure. Rebars play a very important role in a concrete structure, as they offer tensile strength to the structure that concrete doesn’t. For it to happen, they need to be cut and bent in the right way.

What exactly is readymade bars

RMB manufacturers have industry experts and machinery working for them who visit the construction site and analyze what kind of steel rebars, in what shape and size, are required. Accordingly, the information is processed, and the makers produce the right kind of RMB needed for the project. Readymade Bars (RMB) are the rebars cut and bent to be used for specific purposes in construction projects. There are quite a few advantages of RMB over traditional steel rebars, and it is because of the same reason that they have gained quite a popularity over a short span of time.

Normal To Smart Construction In Nepal

One thing that one needs to process before getting into the steel business is that readymade bars (RMB) are a customized version of the regular rebars. Basically, after the rebars are produced, they go through an additional step of cutting and bending which gives them the denoted shapes and sizes. 

These fabrications are specified as per the need of the customers. If you are to ignore this last step, the process of producing rebars and RMB is quite the same. Now, rebars are generally used in construction to give strength to the structures, whether it’s a concrete or steel structure. It’s absolutely crucial for the rebars to be made in a certain manner so that it is able to offer a said amount of support without which catastrophes may occur.

Because of its purpose, rebar is also known as reinforcement bar, or reinforcement steel, as it is made using steel. The most common type of rebar is carbon steel rebar. However, the composition of the steel used to make these bars could be altered so that their properties differ. Generally, rebars have certain indentations built on their surfaces, so that they’re able to hold concrete pretty well. It is necessary for them to be not just strong but ductile as well. This is what adds that tensile strength to the building.

Whether it’s normal or smart construction projects in Nepal, RMB is quite a general rebar option to be used these days. The difference between normal and smart construction is that while normal construction is done using traditional resources and methods, smart ones use technology and smart materials like the RMB. Needless to say that the latter one saves a lot of time, money, and energy, and therefore is a preferred option these days.

Benefits Of Readymade Bars

Readymade Bars (RMB) helps you save quite a bit of time and money. You buy only the quantity of rebar that you need, and you don’t have to spend cutting and bending the rebars yourself. There is minimum wastage which is generally the result of improper and unprofessional cutting and bending of the rebar. The cutting and bending is something that is done precisely, and there is no damage caused to the cut piece of metal, which is quite the case with rebars. All in all, it’s more beneficial to go for RMB rather than standard rebars.

Difference Between Simple Rebars And Readymade Bars

The simple rebars are sold in bulk in stores, and it is expected from you to buy them in bulk itself, regardless of the storing space you have or your needs. Readymade bars on the other hand can be bought as per your need, and you don’t have to be worried about your storing space as they are delivered to you on the date that you prefer. There is no question about the quality of the cut and bend readymade bars, however, the quality of the cut and bend simple rebars depend highly on who’s doing it. There are so many benefits of RMB over rebars.

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