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Our Process

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We supply the Ready Made Bars processed accurately  according to the BBS supplied by you with accuracy and precision.

Opting for Cut and Bend (CNB) means you will not have to deal with the Rebar suppliers, the logistic have to deal with the Rebar suppliers, the logistic people and the contractor who cuts and bends the Rebars at site separately.


Working with us means you will have a single window service for supply and fabrication of Rebars. We work with a good initial planning on the site location, factory size and layout, which means we have the ideal infrastructure to handle large tonnages and deliver them on time.

Type of our Process

There are four type of process which are listed below:

  • 1
    Information Technology
  • 2
    Plant & Equipment
  • 3
    Finished Product
  • 4

Strength of our Process

By investing considerable resources into the IT department, we have ensured a highly faultless, dynamic and system for effective production system from starting of the process through to final delivery. We use one of the finest and most advanced software systems for Cutting and Bending Rebar which improvises construction cycle and quality.

All of our plants are fully equipped with the most sophisticated Rebar Fabrication equipment ensuring a perfect technical process throughout.

A team of professional and experienced personnel handles all the schedules and are vetted by them before the production which reduces the chances of error. Our finished products are accurate and are produced to the highest quality standards.

All bundles are tagged with computer generated labels and bar codes which highlights the quality, shape, number of pieces and all other necessary information for easy identification.