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Machineries & their Services



Automatic Stirrup Benders

Reinforcement processing for the production of stirrups and cut-to-size bars.

Stirrup Bender

From coil for the production of stirrups and production of stirrups and reinforcement concrete bars.

Stirrup Bender Machine and Bar Shaping Machine

From coil with 2 bending heads for the production of stirrups and shaped wires for the construction industry.

Multi-rotor straightening and bar shaping machine

For the production of straight bars, large stirrups and shapes with bends on both ends for reinforcement processing.

Bi-directional Bar Shaping machines

For reinforcement processing

Automatic Bar feeding machine

For the construction industry

Automatic wire straightening and cutting machine

With rollers, for the production of building and construction cut-to-size wires.

Cage making machine

For the production of building cylindrical poles, square wire cages, rectangular wire  cages, cages for construction industry.

Steel ring bending machine and Rebar combined machine

For the production of circles, spirals and radius bars .

Some other Machines:

  • 1
    Automatic rebar cutting bench.
  • 2
    Automatic bending line and wire cutting machines.
  • 3
    Bar Shearline machine for rebar processing.
  • 4
    Automatic double bending machine for rebar processing.
  • 5
    Automatic rebar double bender for construction and double head benders.
  • 6
    Straightening Machines from coil.
  • 7
    Rebar cutting machines
  • 8
    Rebar bending machines
  • 9
    Devices for material handling, lifting device for coil, lifting devices for bars handling.